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Inno-vent Rafter Vents

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The "INNO-VENT" Advantage

  • Patented Center Ridge Design - Will Not Collapse Under High Blowing Pressure
  • Keep Your Attic Cooler in the Summer and Eliminate Winter Moisture Problems
  • Help Prevent Ice Damming on Roots
  • Permeable To Help Eliminate Moisture Build-up on Insulation
  • Strong Yet Flexible-No Handling or Storage Breakage
  • Wide Staple Flange for Easy Insulation
  • Available in Fill 4' Lengths that Fit into 16" and 24" Center Rafters
  • 22" Wide Vent has 22.5" of Air Flow
  • 11" Wide Vent has 11.25" of Air Flow



  • Place INNO-VENTS on the underside of the roof between the rafters.
  • Slide down 6" into the soffit area, staple in place.
  • Friction Fit Fiberglass Insulation into place at the base of the INNO-VENT.


  • Move the existing insulation back from the roof sheathing.
  • Place INNO-VENTS against the underside of the roof between the rafters.
  • Slide the vent down until it touches the attic floor or 6" into the soffit area and staple in place.
  • Install insulation block to keep insulation from entering the soffit area.
  • Repack the insulation against the block and vent.

Inno-vent Rafter Vents Inno-vent Rafter Vents (240 KB)


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