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Cellofoam Packaging Design Center


Design Center

Solution-Based Design and Development

Cellofoam’s design center is solution based, placing a high importance on design engineering and product development. An experienced design team develops packaging concepts employing a material neutral design approach. From the simplest fabricated or molded foam design, to the most complex design assembly incorporating multiple packaging materials, Cellofoam’s design team insures the most efficient packaging products available. Our designers develop and supervise the construction of full-scale prototypes of proposed designs, which can be used for testing and customer approval. Cellofoam’s dedication to serving our customers’ needs with highly efficient product designs is confirmed and verified every day, as we constantly expand our capabilities in our engineering, production, and service. Our diverse product manufacturing capabilities allow us to align your product with a package that protects your product throughout the rigors of distribution.

Five-Step Design Process

Our drive to innovate, our diverse expertise, and our in-house capabilities have positioned us as a resource for a wide-ranging client base. Regardless of the project, we follow a fundamental five-step design process to ensure the best solution for every client. 

That process includes: 
  • Identifying the mode of shipping and the shipping environment
  • Understanding the product fragility
  • Selection of the proper packaging material or materials
  • Designing and constructing the prototype package
  • Verifying the package through testing 
Whatever your project, feel free to contact a design specialist today to talk about your project.

Physical properties of our common packaging materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded copolymer (polystyrene/polyethylene), expanded polyethylene plank, and extruded polyethylene plank can be found on our Technical Data page.



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