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EPS Block for Fabricators

The use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in packaging and insulation is common knowledge, but many people are not familiar with other, less obvious uses of EPS. From motorcycle helmets to dock flotation to theme park decorations, you may encounter EPS in many different forms every day without realizing it. One of the less well known uses of EPS Block for Fabricators is in creative sculpting by artists, sculptors, and professional designers.

EPS foam blocks are about 98% air and as such are lightweight yet surprisingly strong and durable. These blocks are easily shaped, sanded, glued, and painted, making them ideal for custom projects. Artists transform our EPS blocks into a seemingly infinite number of shapes, then use various coatings to provide desired finishes. EPS can be shaped and painted to look like brick or stone and is often used to make props for theater and movie sets. In short, EPS is perfect for a variety of crafting projects - the only limit is your imagination!

With the growth in the movie business in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Cellofoam now supplies a substantial amount of EPS foam to the movie industry to be used in set design and fabrication.

Photos courtesy of Blue Hippo Designs

Artistic cute crocodile made from EPS
Snowmen made of EPS
Large stage prop made of EPS



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