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Benefits of Green Packaging

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Benefits of Green Packaging

Smart business owners are always on the lookout for the best packaging and shipping options when it comes to presenting - and delivering - their products. In addition to protection and cushioning. aesthetics and how lightweight a material is, are also important factors. But how about eco-friendliness? What are the advantages of "green packaging?"

Benefits of Green Packaging

In a previous blog post, we discussed some different types of green packaging and looked at what constituted eco-friendly packaging- you can find that blog here: https://cellofoam.com/whatsnew/the-future-of-packaging, Some green packaging materials include recycled content, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packs, wine shippers, etc.

Today we are going to pick up where we left off and chat about the benefits of going green and how using environmentally-friendly packaging can help not just the world, but your company as well.

Lower Costs

Part of the principal behind green packaging is eliminating excess material. In doing so, a company can actually reduce costs associated with packaging (and shipping) over other traditional shipping options. Using custom packaging options, such as custom EPS foam, you can create packs that fit your products without sacrificing on protection or cushioning - in fact, you would be enhancing it, all while saving money.

Brand and Marketing

Another byproduct of eco-friendly packaging is the fact that it is good for your company's image. Consumers and investors alike prefer businesses that practice environmentally friendly techniques, such as energy and green packaging. It shows that a company cares about the world around them and looks at the innovative ways to cut costs - a win-win to the marketplace and Wall Street as well.

Many Options to Choose From

Sustainable packaging comes in a vast array of types, sizes, and materials. Everything from void filler, foam end caps, wine shippers, and cold chain supplies such as temperature-controlled packaging for food goods and pharmaceuticals. If there is a shipping product, you can be certain there is an environmentally friendly option for it.


If you choose an option such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging. you have the benefit of being eco-friendly, yet highly durable and extremely lightweight, without losing any cushioning or protection. In fact, you will be gaining a higher degree of damage resistance with the addition of this material.

Good for the Environment

This list would not be complete without noting that, above all else, green packaging is good for the environment and the future of our planet. That reason alone makes eco-friendly shipping the right choice -  the other benefits are just icing on the proverbial cake!

If you are in the market for packaging products, give Cellofoam a call and see how our line of wine shippers, EPS foam packaging, custom EPS packaging, and rotational molding can help your business "go green" and "save green" (ie: money) at the same time!



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