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Role of Temperature Controlled Packaging in Pharmaceuticals

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
The pharmaceutical and medicine business is a booming, billion dollar industry that relies on cutting edge science, high technology machinery, and research from some of the sharpest minds around the globe. Many times, the final link to successful execution relies on the shipping industry and, in some instances, cold chain shipping solutions and temperature controlled packaging, to ensure that products arrive  on time and in good condition.

Cold Chain Shipping and Pharmaceuticals

Cold chain shipping is vital for the pharmaceutical and biochemical industry. Without it, many medications that are temperature-sensitive would not reach their destination unspoiled and in good health. Patients would need to turn to other alternative (if they existed) for their medicine needs and some medical advances would not even be possible.

Take a medication such as insulin for example. Diabetics rely on it to help control their blood sugars. Many forms of insulin require refrigeration before - and after - delivery. Changes in temperature can spoil the product or lessen its effectiveness. Without proper packaging, this medication would not arrive in usable condition to the pharmacy, much less the patient’s home.

Temperature controlled packaging is important to the research side of the pharmaceutical industry as well. Ingredients and biomaterials, used for the testing and creation of new medicines, often have temperature requirements as well, and so rely on cold chain shipping just as much as the consumer side does.

We have all seen episodes of shows such as E.R. and Grey's Anatomy, where, inevitably, a patient will need an organ transplant and doctors frantically rush to deliver an organ to a needy patient without the temperature falling below or above a certain amount. This is an all too real (if not less dramatic) situation that calls on a specialized form of temperature controlled packaging to keep organs at a constant temperature.

Finally, an often overlooked area of pharmaceuticals that rely on cold chain shipping is the veterinarian world. Medication made specifically for animals has the same concerns as their human counterparts and, again, shipping coolers, gel refrigerants, and insulated coolers all have their place in the packaging needs for veterinarian supplies.

At the end of the day, cold chain shipping means one thing to Big Pharma: getting medical goods from one location to the next without being spoiled, damaged, or ruined. And for that, you need temperature controlled packages!

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