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Cellofoam is the leader in the rotocasting, rotomolded products, and rotational molding industry. With years of experience in the rotational molding, you can rest assured that our dedicated team of rotational molding product experts can help launch your idea into the marketplace. Cellofoam has developed everything from fish mailboxes to holding tanks and has the experience you need to meet the unique challenges associated with developing your new product. 

Our committed team of custom rotational molding product professionals will help you through every step of the product development cycle. We will be there from start to finish, offering expert assistance in:

Concept development
Design and Specifications

Benefits of Rotational Molding

The following are just a few of the benefits rotational molding offers your new product:

  • Custom Design: Greater flexibility of size and style, reinforced ribs, complex contours, molded threads, flanges, special fittings or graphic inserts.
  • Uniform Wall Thickness: Absorbs shocks, especially in corners and stress areas.
  • Low Cost Tooling: Economical method to produce small or large custom production runs that may require unusual configurations.
  • Simultaneously Molds Multiple Components:  Quicker assembly of completed product reduces lead-times and costs.
  • Lighter Weight Thank Fiberglass or Metals: Reduces shipping costs and design tolerances.
  • Color Matched Resins Available: Eliminates color chipping, maintenance and the need to paint.
  • Polyethylene or Other Resins Are Used: Provides a UV-stabilized, tough, longer lasting, corrosion and chemical resistant product.
  • Seamless Hollow Wall Parts: Superior strength and ability to foam inside.
  • Shorter Time to Production: Can get new products to market faster and more economically.

Contact Cellofoam's custom rotational molding division to learn how we can address the requirements of value, quality, and service to help you meet - and exceed - the expectations of your customers and help you get started on your next rotational molding project!



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