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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam?

Does Cellofoam EPS use CFCs in the manufacture of any of its products?

Does EPS insulation experience any change in R-value over time?

Is EPS insulation affected by temperature cycling?

What are Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)?

What is Geofoam?

Does EPS insulation take up a large portion of our nation’s landfills?

Can EPS insulation be recycled? Where?

How Green is EPS Insulation?

Is EPS a fire hazard?

What is Poly Shield® Insulation?

What is Poly Shield Fan-Fold?

Can Poly Shield® be used as part of a Continuous Insulation Water Resistant Barrier?

What type of flame retardant do you use in your EPS?

What about EPS and mold?

Is EPS moisture resistant?

How does EPS rate in terms of moisture resistance?

Does moisture affect the thermal performance of EPS insulation?

Can EPS act as a vapor barrier?

In what applications does EPS have advantages over extruded (XPS) foams?

What are your garage door insulating kits?

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