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Cellofoam EPS Roof Insulation

Consider the roof and its properties. The roof keeps out the elements and keeps energy in; it insulates and protects. When Cellofoam expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation is used in the construction, the roof is built for optimum energy efficiency. Since our inception in 1966 we have been manufacturing EPS insulation designed to preserve valuable energy resources. The exceptional performance of EPS as an insulator for the built environment offers the construction industry the tools and technology needed to achieve superior thermal performance while making a significant and restorative contribution to the reduction of global warming. Cellofoam’s product line offers flexibility, performance, and durability in new construction and re-roofing projects.

Cellofoam EPS roof insulation as manufactured by Cellofoam North America Inc. is modified expanded polystyrene. It is a rigid, foamed plastic with resilient closed cells molded in a range of densities and sizes to meet specific application specifications or requirements. Cellofoam EPS is a great choice for your insulation needs for long term performance. Cellofoam EPS provides a thermal barrier in both new and re-roof situations. Made with Cellofoam quality EPS our roof insulation systems offer R-Value, inherent water resistance, thermal savings per dollar, minimal weight, easy to handle and install and are UL approved. Recognizing this commitment to quality, major roof membrane manufacturers approve and specify the roof insulations produced by Cellofoam North America Inc.

Cellofoam EPS economically adds R-value to single-ply membrane systems and built up roof systems providing maximum dimensional stability and high thermal efficiency at low cost.

The most practical choice in roofing insulation is tapered EPS insulation. Tapered Cellofoam EPS insulation saves on heating and cooling costs and provides positive drainage to eliminated ponding on new or retrofit roofs. Tapered insulation is available precut with a minimum 1/16" slope per foot, EPS only or laminated in your choice of materials. Cellofoam's fully staffed estimating department stands ready to professionally layout each custom tapered roof system drawing it either in a single layer or a multiple layer system to provide the specified R-Value and slope consistent with project requirements.

Cellofoam tapered EPS insulation board is manufactured at all locations and each project is cut, coded and shipped to your jobsite providing efficient installation. Each piece of tapered board is manufactured to coincide with each drawing eliminating guesswork for the installer. Every tapered system design is backed by our sales and service department.



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