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Insect Resistant

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Termite & Other Insect Protection for EPS

 Cellofoam expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is often used to insulate buildings that may be of risk for termite infestations, such as perimeter and under-slab foundations, exterior walls, and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems). Geostructural EPS foam products such as Geofoam or Elastic Inclusion may also be at risk of insect damage, especially if used in the proximity of wood products. Untreated EPS contains no nutritional value for termites or other insects and therefore does not attract them. However, insects can use the material to build tunnels to access food sources, such as wood or other cellulosic components of a structure.  As the termites’ burrow through the EPS, they create holes that may reduce the insulation’s structural integrity and insulating properties (R-value). Termite excretions may also affect the strength and hardness of the EPS foam.

Multiple Solutions to Protect EPS Foam Insulation & Geostructural Foam

Cellofoam offers two insecticide options for protecting EPS foam products, one for lower risk termite areas and the other, a premium product, for International Building Code (IBC) geographically defined “very heavy” infested areas.   Please see the download for more information.

Insect Resistant Rigid Insulation Insect Resistant Rigid Insulation (315 KB)



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