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Permafloat Permafloat

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permafloat® Float Drums offer durable floatation that can be easily attached to any new or existing wood, steel or aluminum dock system.
  • Rotationally molded outer shell - no seams
  • 100% Virgin Grade linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and EPS
  • Filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam for maximum buoyancy
  • 203 lbs. buoyancy - 4804 lbs. buoyancy
  • Wide range of float sizes to choose from, with depths from 8 to 32 inches
  • Full line of dock protection, hardware & accessories
  • Thick mounting flanges and slots for ease of installation
  • .150 inch nominal wall thickness
  • Unique FLASH DOT feature for night docking
  • Industry leading 15 YEAR WARRANTY

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Permaport Xpress™

Cellofoam North America Inc. (Cellofoam) recently announced the launch of the Permaport Xpress™ personal watercraft (PWC) docking system. This redesign of Cellofoam’s original Permaport® incorporates many attributes that will delight users.

The Permaport Xpress™ is larger to handle all major PWC brands and sizes, and it features an easy drive-on / glide-off design.  Attractive and rugged, Permaport Xpress™ is suitable for both commercial and residential use.  The port is available in tan and grey textured granite colors. 

Permaport Xpress™Permaport Xpress™ is of the highest quality and will protect PWCs through years of worry-free use. The port is foam-filled to make it virtually unsinkable.  The new, heavy-duty, noise reduction mounting hardware eliminates metal-to-metal contact and fits all standard mounting applications.

A new addition to the Permaport Xpress™ system is the Xpress Step™, which attaches to the dock and covers the mounting hardware to provide a comfortable and attractive point of entry to the port.  The Permaport Xpress™ system is also complemented with accessories such as the Xpress Walk™.  An extra walkway the full length of the port, Xpress Walk™ provides the comfort of an additional 20 inches of width to the boarding surface. Mounted beside or between multiple Permaport Xpress™ ports, it will enhance the start and end of the journey.

Permaport Xpress™ details:

  • Increased length and buoyancy to handle all major PWC brands and sizes 
  • Easy drive-on / glide-off design
  • Commercial wheels provide stability and durability 
  • Easily adjustable wheels for custom PWC fits
  • Universal hardware kit for all standard mounting applications 
  • Extra quiet mounting system
  • Xpress Walk™ and Xpress Step™ accessories to complement the system


Permaport Xpress™ Information Permaport Xpress™ Information (155 KB)
Permaport Xpress™ Assembly, Installation, & Maintenance Permaport Xpress™ Assembly, Installation, & Maintenance (1525 KB)

permaport® offers a self centering entry for easy docking of your personal watercraft to your fixed or floating dock.
  • Handles most personal watercraft up to 1500 lb
  • Both commercial and residential applications
  • Filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam for maximum buoyancy
  • Self-centering entry roller for easy docking
  • Mounting kits for fixed and floating docks
  • Side or front mount to dock
  • Heavy duty hardware including tie down cleat
  • Tan or grey granite color options
  • 3 year warranty

permaport Distributors

For a list of distributors please call our marine products customer service team at 1-800-531-4734.


Other Features and Benefits:

  • Underwater structure “cradles” the vessel allowing passengers to easily & safely board and disembark.
  • Custom Designed Hand Rails with Paddle Pull Feature.
  • Additional hand rail option available for utilizing both directions to enter and exit.
  • Vertical Hand Rail Option also available.
  • Works great with 1 & 2 passenger Kayaks and Canoes! 
  • Low Profile for handling vessels.
  • Slip Resistant Surface.
  • Color Options: Tan or Grey Granite
  • Mounting Hardware is easy to install and features quiet components for less noise in wave activity.
  • Width adjustable at installation.
  • Works on most all floating or stationary docks & walkways.
  • Minimal foot print in the water.
  • Commercial or Residential Applications

Permalaunch Brochure Permalaunch Brochure (4382 KB)

The permalaunch® features a Custom Cradle Design that helps you stay dry, launch quick and safer on your next Kayak, or Canoe adventure! It can be mounted to floating docks, fixed docks, or stand-alone pilings.

  • Great for Kayaks, Canoes, & Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Safest way to enter or exit a Kayak, Canoe from the dock
  • Permalaunch Cradles vessel for amazing stability
  • Float on and float off design allows for easy launch and retrieval 
  • Mounts to fixed or floating docks, or to stand alone posts and  pilings 
  • Enter and exit from one end or both ends

Everything about the permalaunch® was designed for stability and ease of use. The Float Off – Float On Feature’s start with the vessel being partially submerged when boarding. The three middle underwater supports create stability for boarding, yet allow buoyancy in the vessel for ease of launch or retrieval. Custom designed hand rails allow you to use your paddle to effortlessly pull the vessel off the launch, or guide yourself back on. The two outside underwater braces are set lower in the water to allow the vessel to launch or float back on with minimal effort from the paddler. You will be amazed at how easily every member of the family can come and go with the permalaunch®!


Directional Options: The base unit comes with one set of hand rails so paddlers may leave and return from the same direction. Optional additional hand rails allow paddlers to leave and return from either direction. Optional vertical hand rails are also available for additional stability in boarding or disembarking, and for additional balance.

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