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About Us - Cellofoam North America Inc.

Cellofoam North America Inc. (Cellofoam) is a diversified industrial business that develops, manufactures, and supports exceptional products and services for the Building and Construction, Protective & Cold Chain Packaging, and Marina markets.  Cellofoam is incorporated in Delaware and is headquartered in Conyers, Georgia. 

Cellofoam’s 14 manufacturing, design and testing facilities throughout North America provides a unique competitive advantage using a wide range of material knowledge, engineering expertise and manufacturing processes to create the most innovative cost effective and mutually beneficial solutions.

Exceptional Products and Services that Protect What Matters

Cellofoam produces its proprietary branded and custom products under three distinctive divisions: Building Products, Packaging, and Rotational Molding, which are described below:

Building Products

Cellofoam building insulation products are designed for robust , energy-saving performance from a building’s foundation to its roof. Our insulation products provide the greatest R-value to cost ratio, easy installation, and permanent thermal protection, whether it’s new construction or remodeling. All of our EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation products have a rigid, closed cell structure, contain a fire retardant, and are resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, and temperature cycling.  Our EPS insulation is also green; the energy invested in the production of EPS foam insulation yields a large environmental payoff by providing substantial energy savings and critical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and is recyclable. The core of Cellofoam’s building products are not just foam insulation, but rather an innovative building material that greatly enhances the design and performance of many residential and commercial building projects.   

Plain & Laminated EPS Insulation: We offer a wide range of both plain and laminated EPS insulation options for both commercial and residential applications.  Our plain EPS is often used for Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) and architectural shapes, as well as above the deck tapered roofing systems. Cellofoam’s laminated EPS has heat laminated, durable polymeric facers on one or both sides.  Our below grade PermaBG+ insulation, for example, has especially tough laminates that is perfect for insulating perimeter foundation walls and under building slabs.  Our Poly Shield® insulation is very popular for exterior and interior wall applications and, especially in its fan fold variant, as part of a roof underlayment re-cover system. 

Commercial Insulation: We offer EPS above the deck Roof Insulation, Perimeter Insulation, Poly Shield® Sheathing / Underlayment, Poly Shield® Fanfold, Flute Fill, Laminated Flute Fill Combo Board, and EIFS Board & Architectural Shapes.  Cellofoam’s insulation products reduce heat transfer in foundations, walls, and roofs, increasing comfort and lowering energy costs.

Residential Insulation:  Cellofoam manufactures easy, do-it-yourself, insulation and sells it to distributers and retailers such as The Home Depot®.  Products include our Garage Door Insulation Kit and Poly Panel expanded polystyrene insulation for basement finishing projects.  We also produce Roof Insulation, PermaBG+ Foundation Insulation, Poly Shield® Sheathing / Underlayment, and Architectural Shapes for home construction and improvements.

Fabricated EPS: Cellofoam produces EPS and fabricates it into shapes used as temporary and permanent void fill, such as insulation located on the inside of prestressed concrete floors and walls, or shapes used for temporary forms for pouring concrete.  Our EPS block is purchased by other fabricators to shape and use as part of their end product.  Cellofoam also produces pre-cut tapered roofing products such as crickets to minimize material labor cost of roofing contractors.

Geostructural EPS Foam:  Cellofoam manufactures two distinct types of Geostructural Foam to stringent specifications to handle the structural loads imparted by its design environment in construction applications.  
a. Our Cellofoam EPS Geofoam is used as structural, lightweight fill in building and geotechnical construction products.  Commonly used around roads, highways, and bridges, Geofoam is also applied to cinema seating, landscaping, and hotel roof-top pool decks. 
b. Cellofoam Elastic Inclusion EPS is molded, aged, and pre-stressed for construction projects that require an energy absorbing capability to handle dynamic surcharge loads such as those imparted by traffic or ground movements. 

Rotational Molding

Cellofoam manufactures a number of rotationally molded proprietary products for the marine industry as well as OEM rotational molded and assembled products.  Our full offering includes dock floats, ports, tanks, marine accessories, and complex rotational molded products and assemblies: 

Permafloat® is our brand of superior quality encapsulated floats that provide durable flotation and exceptional buoyancy for docks across North America.  Permafloat® dock floats are the most environmentally friendly and long-lasting choice and can be easily attached to any new or existing wood, steel, or aluminum dock system. 

Cellofoam’s Wave Defender® protects your dock from rough waves caused by boat wakes and wind.  Wave Defender® stabilizes your dock just as well as commonly used heavy weights but without requiring additional flotation to maintain freeboard.  It can be used with both new or existing docks, allowing you to relax and better enjoy your time on the water.  It also attenuates waves and may serve as a breakwater to protect residential and commercial docks.

Permaport Xpress™ offers an easy drive-on, glide-off docking of your personal watercraft (PWC) to your fixed or floating dock. Both attractive and rugged, Permaport Xpress™ fits all major brands of PWCs and is suitable for both commercial and residential use. It is foam filled for maximum buoyancy and to ensure years of worry-free use. The new heavy-duty noise reduction mounting hardware eliminates metal-to-metal contact and can be used for front and side mount applications on fixed or floating docks.

A new addition to the Permaport Xpress™ system is the Xpress Step™, which attaches to the dock and covers the mounting hardware to provide a comfortable and attractive point of entry to the port. The Permaport Xpress™ system is also complimented with accessories such as the Xpress Walk™.  An extra walkway the full length of the port, Xpress Walk™ provides the comfort of an additional 20 inches of boarding surface. Mounted beside or between multiple Permaport Xpress™ ports, it will enhance the start and end of the journey. 

Cellofoam’s Permalaunch® provides an easy means to enter or exit a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board from floating or fixed docks.  The launch cradles the boat for amazing stability and provides a float-on, float-off design for easy launch and retrieval.

Cellofoam produces a line of Marine Lift Tanks and Holding Tanks for waste water storage.  The Marine Lift Tanks are large heavy wall air tanks that can be filled with water to submerge them and then re-floated by evacuating the water with air pressure.  While typically used in boat lifts, Marine Lift Tanks can also be used to temporarily lift dock sections for repairs and/or replacement of flotation, and also as actively controlled devices to eliminate twisting and listing to stabilize docks. 

Marine Accessories:
Cellofoam also produces a line of marine accessories that include Dock Edges, Vertical Dock Bumpers, Corner Bumpers, and Marine Hardware.  We also produce a line of Marker Buoys that are used as hazard markers, channel markers, and to identify no wake zones.

Custom Molding & Rotational Molding Design:
  As a leader in rotational molding design and manufacturing, Cellofoam works with established businesses and entrepreneurs to help design, develop, and bring new products to market.  We custom design and manufacture a wide range of products to customer specifications, from cases, tanks, trash receptacles and kayaks while providing component assembly and packaging services. 


Cellofoam’s protective packaging saves your company’s products from damage throughout the rigorous distribution process. No matter the requirements or packaging specifications, Cellofoam is confident in providing the most cost-effective solution that keeps your products safe through the entire supply chain.

Molded Packaging: As an industry leader in protective packaging, our custom molded options range from molded EPS to copolymer foams. Cellofoam’s EPS foam is strong but lightweight and we have the ability to package products of virtually any shape and size. 

Cellofoam’s proprietary product line of Perma Cool® shippers and gel packs are the ideal packaging for cold chain applications. Our shippers provide thermal protection, absorb shock, and resist damage, ensuring your products are kept safe during distribution. Our cold chain packaging solutions are custom designed to meet any ISTA temperature profile. 

Fabricated Packaging:  We design protective packaging using a wide array of flexible, protective foams of different densities, compressive strengths, and other physical properties, and different types of material to include EPS, polyethylene, and polyurethane foams, corrugated, plastic bags, and wood. Cellofoam routinely integrates corrugated paper with molded and foam plastic packaging, and have teamed with entrepreneurial providers of new, paper-based, protective packaging products to provide lower cost packaging solutions.  

Innovative Packaging Design Center:  Our solution-based design center develops complex product protective packaging solutions that affordably protect our customer’s products through the entire supply chain system.   We focus on total cost of packaging and understand the challenges facing shipping, and thus carefully consider light-weighting, reduced palletization cube, and dimensional weight freight costs. Cellofoam engineers develop full scale prototypes for testing and customer approval in order to ensure that our packaging perfectly meets your company’s needs.  Cellofoam is material neutral and selects the appropriate packaging material to optimize protective packaging design, cost, performance, and sustainability, based upon customer priorities.  Cellofoam continues to work closely with raw material suppliers and recently, we worked with a large customer to conduct experimental moldings of a semi-biodegradable, plastic foam that is new to the marketplace. 

Cellofoam Service Culture

Our continual modernization, flexibility to adapt to customers' needs, and years of both practical business and innovation, allow us to provide our customers with the competitive edge necessary to succeed in today’s market.  Our continued success is rooted in:

Safety: Our commitment to strive for zero lost time accidents by providing the safest possible work environment, maintaining clean facilities that are in top working order, and ensuring safety practices are scrupulously adhered to.  A commitment to empower all employees to immediately recognize and correct unsafe work conditions or safety hazards.

Financial Management:  Our commitment to sound financial practices and processes which will ensure our ability to better serve our customers, fund investment in our business, and provide opportunities to our stakeholders.  A commitment to constantly refine and improve our Company, our facilities, and our equipment, in order to enhance our position in the marketplace.

Customer Satisfaction:  Our commitment to being our customers’ most trusted business partner by providing high-quality products, on time, every time.  A commitment to treat each customer as individual, unique, and worthy of the highest level of customer care.  A commitment to addressing our customers’ needs and concerns quickly and ethically.  A commitment to long-term, concrete improvements in quality, and in improving our company’s quality culture.  

People: Our commitment to ourselves and to a winning culture.  A commitment to growth, and recognizing the value of our employees and the contributions they make in achieving our Team and Organizational Goals.  Our commitment to Teamwork and a thorough understanding of the rewards, responsibilities, and obligations that teamwork demands.  Our commitment to our core values of Humility, Hunger, Responsibility, and Intelligence. 

Integrity: Our commitment to integrity is the foundation of everything we do, from quality control to our promises to our customers and stakeholders.  Our commitment to Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say.



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