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EPS Geofoam Applications: Bridge Abutments

One of the best uses for expanded polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam is for the construction of approach fills for bridge abutments. With a naturally high compressive resistance, EPS Geofoam makes a great, safe, secure, and cost-effective fill material that safely supports highway loading without stressing underlying soils. In turn, this typically reduces the differential movement at the bridge/approach fill interface, resulting in lower construction costs and a minimized long-term maintenance budget.

Benefits of EPS Geofoam for Bridge Abutment Construction

In addition to its compressive resistance benefits, EPS Geofoam also imparts significantly reduced lateral forces on bridge abutment walls, bridge foundations, and other retaining structures. This is due to the fact that transmitted lateral force is directly proportional to the weight of the backfill used in abutment construction. Since EPS Geofoam is much lighter than other backfill material, it naturally results in savings for the design of bridge abutments and other walls, which are no longer required to resist large horizontal static and dynamic forces. 

EPS Geofoam and Bridge Abutment Construction

Want to learn more about EPS Geofoam (or expanded polystyrene Geofoam) and its role in bridge abutment construction? Read our EPS Geofoam brochure or contact one of our EPS product specialists today!

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