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EPS Geofoam Applications: Culverts, Pipelines, Buried Structures

Unfortunately - or fortunately depending upon your viewpoint - not all construction projects can be labeled "new construction". Because of that, road and bridge engineers often find themselves having to take existing structures and utility lines into consideration when planning roadway construction jobs. Often times, engineering plans call for the placement of new fill over existing underground structures or utilities that simply were not designed to support the increased loads. Fortunately for those in the construction business, there is a simple solution: expanded polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam.

Rather than removing, rebuilding, or strengthening existing underground structures, new fill loads can be reduced to tolerable levels by using EPS Geofoam instead of denser, less reliable traditional fills.

Want to learn more about EPS Geofoam and its role in road and bridge construction, particularly as it pertains to culverts, pipelines, and buried structures? Want to learn more about expanded polystyrene Geofoam infill and underfill products? Read our EPS Geofoam brochure or contact one of our EPS product specialists today!

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