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Custom Package and Shipping Products: Fabricated Foam Packaging


Cellofoam is known around the globe for its fabricated expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging - and with good reason; when companies require a custom packaging solution, designed to meet exacting shipping standards and requirements, they know they can count on the leader in EPS manufacturing to deliver a quality product at an affordable price.

No matter what shape or design your product, we can develop fabricated EPS packaging that is custom-molded and made specifically to ship and pack your goods. Made from Cellofoam's own expanded polystyrene foam and rotational molding machinery, we can produce parts with tolerances within 1/16" and in a limitless variation of shapes and sizes.

In addition to being highly durable and extremely customizable, our custom packaging is environmentally friendly (free of CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and formaldehyde) and is recyclable. And, because of our closed-cell EPS design, our custom shipping and packaging products can be used in cold chain shipping and regular transporting as well.

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