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 Cellofoam EPS Foam Packaging


Cellofoam produces the world's finest line of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging material. Designed by our expert team with the strictest adherence to exacting manufacturing specifications and a level of quality control second to none, our EPS foam is highly versatile and capable of meeting a vast array of protective packaging uses.

What is EPS Foam Packaging?

EPS - also known as expanded polystyrene - is a lightweight packaging product that is made of expanded polystyrene beads. While it is very light in weight, it is incredibly durable and structurally strong, providing impact resistant cushioning and shock absorption for a wide variety of products made for shipping. EPS foam is an excellent alternative to traditional corrugated packaging materials.

EPS foam packaging is used for many industrial, food service, and construction applications, including food packaging, fragile items shipping, computer and television packaging, and product shipping of all types.

Advantages of Cellofoam EPS Foam Packaging Products

Cellofoam's protective expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is the perfect alternative to corrugated and other packaging materials. The versatile nature of EPS foam allows for a vast array of protective packaging uses. Lightweight, yet structurally strong, EPS provides impact resistant cushioning to reduce product damage during transportation, handling, and shipment.

Cellofoam's custom CAD/CAM cutting process guarantees a secure fit for virtually any product. Whether your product has one simple part or many multi-faceted, intricate ones, our EPS foam is the right choice for your packaging needs.

When you contact Cellofoam, our design and sales team will work with you to provide the best, most cost-effective solutions to fit your particular packaging needs - no matter what size. Cellofoam's computerized hit-wire cutters allow us to quickly deliver custom fabricated parts to meet your individual packaging needs.

Need molded corners?  Our factory standard, high-quality, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam corner protectors are an efficient and economical way to package products in bo xes to help protect them in transit. Cellofoam offers four different sizes in stock and ready to ship. Each set of four corners is molded as a single part from which each corner easily snaps off.  Our corners are commonly used for box-in-box repackaging. Learn more here.

Absolutely need to use corrugated or other packaging materials? We can greatly reduce the amount you ned by supplementing the design with our custom EPS foam laminate. In addition to Cellofoam's EPS foam packaging, we also offer Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and Polyurethane foams for products that require more flexibility to achieve maximum cushioning and shock absorption. These additional foam packaging materials are available as composites and are anti-static, fire retardant, and come in a variety of color options. Whatever your non-EPS foam packaging needs are, Cellofoam has the ability - and the desire - to meet them!

Want to know more about our EPS foam packaging products? Contact us with any questions or concerns!

Are you a wine enthusiast, collector, or wine proprietor looking for wine shipping options? We make Wine Shippers too.

In need of temperature controlled packaging? We have a line of Perma Cool Shippers in a wide variety of sizes and shapes!

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