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EPS Geofoam Applications: Levee Construction and Repair

As levees age, maintenance and repair work must be performed to ensure that the levees remain safe and provide the best flood protection possible. Levees are often built atop compressible alluvial soils along rivers because of river depositional patterns. These compressible and saturated soils settle over time because of primary and secondary compression factors, causing the above-mentioned effects. In addition, this continued settlement results in the levee had to be repeatedly raised to perform properly and provide the desired flood protection.

Normally, levees are raised with conventional soil fill, in an effort to return the levee to its original level. However, the extra weight from the fill used to raise the levee causes additional settlement, and the vicious cycle of settlement and raising goes on and on.

Enter expanded polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam. EPS Geofoam can easily be installed in levees to provide the volume needed to return the levee to its original configuration and flood prevention level. Since EPS Geofoam adds approximately 1% of the weight of heavier, traditional fills, the use of EPS as a levee fill reduces and eliminates additional stress and the endless cycle of settlement and raising.

Want to learn more about how EPS Geofoam helps in levee raising construction projects or as levee fill? Read our EPS Geofoam brochure.

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