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Permafloat Marine Lift Tanks

If your existing dock needs to be repaired or replaced, Cellofoam has a line of Permafloat Marine Lift Tanks that are perfect for both residential dock repair and commercial dock replacements. Rotationally molded and highly resistant to all manner of damage, our marine lift tanks can be used to achieve "freeboard" - or height above the water - on existing docks, making it easier to repair or replace dock flotation devices. In addition, lift tanks can eliminate twisting and listing, adding a level of stability to your dock.

Permafloat Marine Lift Tanks are large Heavy Wall air tanks that you can fill with water to submerge and then re-float by releasing water via air pressure. Our Marine Lift Tanks are a hollow one piece rotationally molded part manufactured from highly durable virgin linear low density polyethylene black material with ultraviolet inhibitors. They come in both .300" nominal wall thickness and .375" heavy wall thickness. This material meets Industry Standards and offers a balance of toughness, durability, rigidity, and environmental stress crack resistance, as well as low temperature impact performance.

It also:
  • Is resistant to damage from the sun, salt water, fresh water, debris, oil, gas, and marine organisms
  • Lift tanks can be used to elevate docks or dock fingers for float replacement
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Features uniform, consistent thickness throughout the tank
  • Molded-in integral slots for simple and durable mounting
  • Tanks include 1" pre-inserted pipe-thread hose fitting
  • 100% tank tested for integrity
  • Destructive puncture and thickness testing performed for each production run
  • Available in three standard sizes, plus a wide variety of custom sizes.
Need a shallow water lift tank solution?

To learn more about our Permafloat Marine Lift Tanks, contact our dock flotation specialists or call us at 800-531-4734 for the most accurate assessment of your dock flotation needs.

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