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Polyethylene Foams

Innovations in Foam from the Global Leader.

Cellofoam is a major manufacturer of innovative protective packaging materials and systems including high performance, closed-cell polyethylene foam products. The polyethylene product portfolio is manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards and is ideal for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications.

Polyethylene Foams:

Resilient, lightweight, and cost-efficient, with superior physical properties necessary for cushioning barrier applications.
  • Industry’s largest selection of densities and designer colors.
  • Available for worldwide delivery in a wide range of sheet, extruded and laminated plank configurations.
  • Easily converted using traditional fabrication equipment.
  • Special formulations are available that provide static, fire retardant and UV protection.
  • CFC and HCFC free.
  • Reusable and recyclable through www.RecyclePEFoam.com

Innovative Foam Packaging Solutions through Creative Design and Fabrication

Cellofoam polyethylene foams are designed to meet a broad range of protective packaging and material handling requirements, from economical, lightweight protection to heavy-duty industrial cushioning. They are clean, non-abrasive, and offer package designers and fabricators a variety of creative opportunities.

Cellofoam’s design and development center reviews and analyzes proposed designs, develop new ones, test existing packs, and recommend the best way to maximize the protective qualities of Cellofoam polyethylene foams. Cellofoam provides package and material testing in accordance with ISTA, ASTM, government, or corporate standards. Comprehensive shock and vibration cushioning performance data are available on all Cellofoam polyethylene foams.

Cellofoam’s Polyethylene Foam Products Provide:

  • Reduced Packaging Costs – less foam results in smaller packs, reducing material and shipping costs, as well as handling and storage expenses.
  • Very Resilient – quick recovery from multiple compressions and impacts make it ideal for use in returnable material handling systems.
  • Enhanced Packaging Aesthetics – clean, attractive appearance enhances product and package image.

Unlimited Product Design and Engineering Possibilities

Cellofoam polyethylene foams, originally developed for protective packaging applications, also exhibit outstanding physical properties that make them ideal for a broad range of products in today’s active, value-conscious marketplace:
  • Strong - excellent tensile and tear properties
  • Flexible - bends without breaks or tears
  • Very Resilient – recovers from compressions and impacts
  • Wide range of designer colors and densities
  • Non-dusting
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Buoyant-excellent for recreational activities
  • Easily laminated-bonds to itself and a variety of substrates

Polyethylene Foam – Thick, single-layer extruded foam plank

  • Medium Density:  Foams are widely used for their excellent dynamic cushioning performance in end-caps, corner pads, and load separators. Their ability to absorb repeated shocks makes them ideal for cushioning, blocking, and bracing of valuable or delicate products.
  • Heavy Density: Foams provide heavy-duty cushioning and strength for high load-bearing applications. They are used in industrial cushioning, OEM, automotive, and construction markets requiring added compressive strength.  

    It can be laminated or skived to achieve alternative thicknesses.

    (*Anti-Static. ** Anti-Static and/ or Fire Retardant)

  • Low Abrasion Polyethylene Foam Plank: polyethylene foam offers excellent softness, toughness, cushioning, and abrasion properties at a low foam density.

Laminated Polyethylene Foam Plank – Multi-layer plank made up of laminated 1” thick layers

  • Light Density: Light density Cellofoam foam provides the most cost-efficient cushioning protection-available for today’s lighter weight products. Its exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio reduces cube and costs by providing superior protection, using less material than many alternative packaging methods.
  • Medium Density: Foams provide cushioning protection against repeated shock that fabricates easily and heat-bonds without skiving.

    (*Available in ½” increments.)

Special Foams/Laminated Substrates

  • Special Density Foam and Film Laminates-Multi-layer plank with 3.5 mil. Film or 1/8” heavy density foam substrate backing.
  • Cellofoam Plus foam laminates provide all the proven benefits of our Cellofoam laminated plank, plus the added strength and durability of either a 3.5 mil or 1/8” High Density foam hinges to provide structural hinges. 

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