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Wave Defender®

Wave Defender® protects your dock from rough waves caused by boat wakes and wind. It reduces your dock’s rocking and rolling motion, thereby reducing dock wear and tear.

Wave Defender® stabilizes your dock just as well as commonly used heavy weights but without requiring additional floatation to maintain freeboard. It can be used with both new or existing docks, allowing you to relax and better enjoy your time on the water.

Wave Defender® attenuates waves and may serve as a breakwater to protect residential and commercial docks.

Photo of Wave Defender system showing top float connected with holed shell
Breakwater made with Wave Defenders


The Wave Defender® dock stabilization system can be easily attached to almost any new or existing wood, steel or aluminum dock system. Cellofoam North America Inc. has been producing Permafloat® dock floats and Wave Defender® dock stabilization systems for decades and thousands of dock owners can attest to Cellofoam’s superior quality and performance.

Purchasers of our floats and lift tanks should engage with professional design experts to incorporate these products into their marine systems.


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