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Permaport Xpress®

Cellofoam North America Inc. recently announced the launch of the Permaport Xpress® personal watercraft (PWC) docking system. This redesign of Cellofoam’s legacy Permaport® incorporates many attributes that will delight users.

The Permaport Xpress® is larger to handle all major PWC brands and sizes, and it features an easy drive-on / glide-off design. Attractive and rugged, Permaport Xpress® is suitable for both commercial and residential use. The port is available in tan and grey textured granite colors.

Permaport Xpress® is of the highest quality and will protect PWCs through years of worry-free use. The port is foam-filled to make it virtually unsinkable. The new, heavy-duty, noise reduction mounting hardware eliminates metal-to-metal contact and fits all standard mounting applications.

A new addition to the Permaport Xpress® system is the Xpress Step®, which attaches to the dock and covers the mounting hardware to provide a comfortable and attractive point of entry to the port. The Permaport Xpress® system is also complemented with accessories such as the Xpress Walk®. An extra walkway the full length of the port, Xpress Walk® provides the comfort of an additional 20 inches of width to the boarding surface. Mounted beside or between multiple Permaport Xpress® ports, it will enhance the start and end of the journey.

Photos show the entire Permaport Xpress®system. Xpress Step® and Xpress Walk® are extra and not included with the purchase of Permaport Xpress®.

Photo of two Permaport Xpress drive-on PWC ports mounted side-by-side
Permaport Xpress PWC dock logo
Photo of two Permaport Xpress drive-on jet ski docks mounted side-by-side
Photo of two Permaport Xpress drive-on PWC ports mounted side-by-side with jet ski about to drive on
Photo of two Permaport Xpress drive-on PWC ports mounted side-by-side with PWCs atop
Top view photo of two Permaport Xpress drive-on PWC docks mounted side-by-side with PWC driving on



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