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Permalift™ Marine Lift Tanks

Our Permalift™ Marine Lift Tanks are commonly used in boat lifts but can also be used to gain freeboard on existing docks, temporarily lift dock sections for repairs or to replace the flotation, or to eliminate twisting and listing to stabilize the dock. These heavy wall tanks are filled with water and submerged and then re-floated by evacuating the water with air pressure. They are available in nominal wall thicknesses of .350” and .375” and meet Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) industry standards.

In addition to our standard line of Permalift™ Marine Lift Tanks, any of our Permafloat® dock floats can also be manufactured as a Permafloat® Lift Tank.


Typically the tank air outlet holes are uncut unless otherwise specified.

Purchasers of our floats and lift tanks should engage with professional design experts to incorporate these products into their marine systems.


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