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Perma Cool® Shippers

As one of the largest expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam manufacturers in the United States, Cellofoam produces its Perma Cool® line of insulated shipping containers in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Our shock absorbent, damage resistant, Perma Cool® shippers help to manage the environment, allowing you to ship your products with confidence. With over 70 different standard sizes, we can help meet virtually any shipping standard such as ISTA.

Perma Cool® Shippers are the ideal temperature-controlled packaging product for cold shipping. The fundamental objectives of cold chain packaging materials are to preserve the temperature of your products and protect them from damage during the transportation, handling, and shipping process. Because of this, choosing the right partner is crucial to finding the correct balance of your requirements, cost, handling, storage, shipping duration, and more.

From pharmaceuticals to food, Perma Cool® shippers protect your products from extreme environmental conditions associated with the distribution chain.

Pharmaceutical lab
Cut-away view of a Perma Cool Shipper pack-out with Perma Cool Gel Packs
Group of various Perma Cool Shippers


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