Protective Packaging and Cold Chain Molded Foam

Wine Shippers

Cellofoam offers a variety of wine shippers and cartons that are cost-effective and highly durable. The shippers are made from expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) and are lightweight and shock absorbent to help make sure your wine reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Cellofoam's molded wine shippers are available in several pack sizes and cartons that are designed to fit virtually any size bottle, including standard, champagne, and magnum bottles.

We also offer economical foam inserts and accompanying cartons that can be used to ship from one to twelve bottles. Designed for vertical packing, our wine shippers use foam engineered for maximum protection.

For your logistical savings and convenience, we offer shipping from multiple shipment points.

Optional fabricated EPS foam wine shippers with cartons
Optional fabricated EPS foam wine shippers with a carton


*Recycling facilities for EPS and corrugated materials are not available in some communities.

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