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Geofoam Applications: Road Construction Over Poor Soil

As the population expands and the need for more roads and highway systems increases each year, we can expect that, in many cases, these new roadways will require construction over "poor soil" - that is, soils that are soft or loose and incapable of supporting additional loads. Invariably, roadway engineers and designers must find innovative building materials and construction techniques to overcome the problems associated with building on poor soil. The same goes for undertaking construction over less-than-inviable areas, such as wetlands or existing utilities.

At the same time, road construction professionals must do their best to maintain (or reduce) budgets and accelerate project schedules. Enter Cellofoam's expanded polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam. EPS Geofoam can be used to replace compressible soils or can be used in lieu of heavier roadside fill materials to prevent unacceptable loading on underlying soils and adjacent structures.




Benefits of EPS Geofoam in Road Construction Applications

EPS Geofoam has an extremely high compressive resistance, making it able to adequately support traffic loadings associated with secondary and interstate highways. When used in road construction projects, EPS Geofoam saves considerable time as well, thanks to the ease of handling - unlike other fill materials, you do not need special equipment when working with EPS Geofoam. 

Another benefit of EPS Geofoam in road construction projects is the fact that it is an engineered product. During the engineering process, expanded polystyrene Geofoam undergoes rigorous Q&A testing. This is different from other fill materials, which must undergo time-consuming QA/QC testing prior to use.

When used in conjunction with a separation layer, EPS Geofoam can not only enhance the performance and life of the pavement system by providing reinforcement, separation, and filtration, but it can increase the durability as well. If used in colder climates, EPS Geofoam helps prevent differential icing when chosen for roadway construction, thanks to expanded polystyrene's inherent insulation properties.

EPS Geofoam and Road Construction Information

Want to learn more about EPS Geofoam (or expanded polystyrene Geofoam) and its role in road construction over poor soils? Read our EPS Geofoam brochure or contact one of our EPS product specialists today!

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