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Rotational Molding and Rotomolding: Value Added Services

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Cellofoam is a worldwide leader of rotomolding services, and with good reason: with decades of experience in the rotational molding field, we have the know-how and technology to custom-tailor our value-added services to meet our clients' specific needs. From concept and design to complete, turnkey rotomolding solutions, we cover the gamut.

In addition to our traditional rotational molding solutions, our value-added services allow us to offer the following options for our customers:

Finishing and secondary finishing
Quality assurance and testing
Assembly and post mold assembly
Custom package and shipping containers
Drop shipping
Logo and branding

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Rotational Molding and Rotomolding Services: Finishing

Cellofoam is proud to offer, amongst its varied portfolio of rotomolding services, finishing, and secondary finishing as part of your value-added offerings for businesses across the globe. If you need a rotomolding company to help advance your product to the next stage - or better yet, complete the process - you can count on Cellofoam's decades of rotomolding experience and expertise to help you cross the finish line!

From drilling and routing to structural reinforcement, parts filling, and assembly, Cellofoam offers an entire host of rotomolding finishing and rotocasting secondary finish services. Need to add metal inserts and threads? Need custom graphics or logos? Our rotational molding team is standing by to help! Contact us today to find out more about our finishing and manufacturing offerings!

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Rotomolding and Rotation Molding Services: Custom Assembly

Cellofoam knows that there is more to product design and development than just mold fabrication and generalized rotomolding processes. That is why we offer secondary rotomolding services, such as part assembly or second assembly. No matter what compliance, regulatory, or standards your organization has in place, you can be assured our highly experienced rotational molding team can meet - and exceed - your requirements. You can count on us to provide not just post-mold assembly and secondary assembly service, but superior quality assurance testing as well.

Whether you require rotomolding assembly or full concept and product design assistance, call our rotational molding products specialists today!

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Rotomolding and Rotational Molding Services: Packing and Shipping

From design and initial concepts through manufacturing, assembly, and secondary rotomolding operations, Cellofoam offers a full suite of rotational molding and rotomolding services. We even specialize in packing, shipping, and drop-shipping rotomolded products!

Need a custom package or shipper for your mold, rotomolded parts, or other goods? No matter the requirement, we can create a custom EPS packaging solution for your exacting needs. From added cushioning to full shippers, our expanded polystyrene options can help you ship and transport anything from bio-pharmaceuticals to temperature-controlled goods, such as food and medicine. We even help package sensitive electronic components and heavy loads as well!

Call our expert rotational molding packing and shipping pros today!

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Rotomolding and Rotational Molding Services: Urethane Foaming

As part of our secondary rotomolding offerings, Cellofoam provides urethane foaming and foam-filled rotational molding parts to businesses around the world. Our rigid urethane foam filling is ideal for products and rotomolded parts that require added durability or insulation, such as coolers, buoys, and other flotation goods. On the other side of the fence, we also offer flexible foam filling for rotomold products. Typical uses for our flexible foam include the furniture, upholstery, and automotive industry, where we fill rotomolded chairs, headrests, and seat cushions.

All of our foam is environmentally-friendly and resistant to bacteria, mold and free of harmful chemicals (such as CFCs).

Does your company need urethane foaming, flexible foam, or rigid foam for a rotomolded product? Contact our rotation molding services team for more information!

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